Rose Sugar Scrub


In the summer someone special to me gave me the gift of a perfect rose. It was straight from her rose bush and was beautiful – and helped me during a particularly difficult evening. The flower smelled as a traditional rose should – unlike many shop-bought roses do now, and it sat, unchanging, on my dining room table for longer than I’d expected. When it started to wilt, I didn’t want to let it go to waste, and I decided to make an exfoliation sugar scrub with the flower.

I hadn’t done it before – but how hard could it be? I had an old jar from a coffee bean company that my Husband’s Nan gave me, I had my rose, some granulated sugar and some baby oil already in the house – any non-pungent oil should be ok I would think, but this one is designed for skin, and I haven’t got as far as making oils yet!

I removed the petals from the rose, put them, some sugar and some oil (I played around with the quantities a little until I was happy) in our blender and pressed go. It only needed a second as I didn’t want the petals mushed to nothing, and I wanted to keep some of the colour. I emptied it into the jar, and.. done!


That was all it took, and I have now used it twice while bathing to exfoliate my legs – obviously above the water – it will dissolve below! The colour has gone a little from when I first made it to when I took the photo, but I am happy with it – next time I may add a little Rose Essential Oil to the mix, as the baby oil smell is equal to the rose smell currently. I might also try using brown sugar, as I prefer this in my cooking, so why not here? Making this was a two minute job from items already in my home – saving money and the waste of another plastic bottle of product!

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