Homemade Napkins – the simplest sewing!

Me and my husband moved into our first home together three years ago (he wasn’t my husband then!) and as it was the first ‘away from parents’ home for both of us, apart from my time at university, we didn’t have a lot of ‘stuff’. I’m sure our family would laugh at that as it certainly felt like we had a lot when we moved in, but most of it was personal items. We took the afternoon off from work, and had some basic kitchen equipment we had mainly been gifted, a rolled mattress from IKEA, a sofa and a bed frame that were given to us second hand by a family member, and a TV that was in my husband’s bedroom previously.

We have definitely gained in ‘stuff’ over the past three years, and now have everything we need to get along just fine, and as time passes, we update things that we were given second hand or acquired free on Gumtree, to items that are more to our taste, or less worn out. We still tend to buy furniture second hand as new furniture is very expensive, but we can afford to pay a little for it now, and pick and choose the pieces we like.

There are not many things that we haven’t got, but I was looking though the John Lewis website (a bad habit) and saw some beautiful napkins that I absolutely loved! We don’t have napkins, and these were a sort of sturdy linen, and were a classic, plain, navy blue, and were lovely. However, when I looked at the price, they were £20 for two napkins! I considered the cost for a few seconds and then told myself to snap out of it – that was ridiculous, I must be able to make a napkin myself – they are just a piece of fabric, right?

I did some research, watched a couple of Youtube how-to videos – there are lots on there – and went and delved into my fabric box. I wanted to make the exact ones I had seen, but I didn’t have any navy linen fabric – finding that would be a task for another day. However, I did find a nice cream sturdy fabric, with grey bees printed on it that I bought about a year ago in Dunelm – they may still have it.


I set to work, thinking I’d make four, but it was simple and therapeutic, so I just kept going, and used up all of my fabric, and ended with 12 napkins! I’m not sure I’m ever going to have that many visitors, but there you go.


  • 18 inch fabric in squares (enough squares for how many napkins you want)
  • Scissors
  • Pins (optional)
  • Sewing machine

This is one of the videos I used, and found it really useful – clear and simple:

If you have a go, I hope you find the sewing as simple and as therapeutic as me! May you and I have many fancy dinner parties with fabric napkins to come!

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