Old Fashioned Services

No one in my house drinks a lot of milk. There are occasional uses in cooking, the odd bowl of cereal, and sometimes a couple of hot chocolates, but we were buying milk and then throwing it away – unused – in its plastic container. It just seemed such a waste, and I wondered if there was anything we could do.

I remembered when I was a small child my parents used to get a milk man to bring glass bottled milk to the door with little foil caps, but after a while they swapped to supermarket milk in bulk because my little brother got through 18 pints a week!

I assumed no one delivered milk in this way anymore, but a little bit of googling showed me that Milk & More (https://www.milkandmore.co.uk/) do exactly that, along with a whole host of other options that you can add to your delivery up to the night before!

Our area has David deliver on a Tuesday, Thursday, and on a Saturday, (I have never seen David – he comes very early!) so we have milk twice a week, and on Saturday we have a treat of some freshly squeezed orange juice! There are also bakery options, breakfast options, even sweet treats and cleaning products! So if you realise on a Friday night at 8pm, that you’d like bacon baguettes and scrambled egg for breakfast, you can add them to your delivery (before 9pm) and they will be there waiting for you in the morning!

Having the milk delivered this way is a little more expensive that the shops – but it is so much better for the environment, and it makes me smile as I open my front door in the morning. The bottles are glass, not plastic, and once you have emptied them, you rinse them, and pop them back outside your front door, and they are taken away again at the next delivery. It also saves the fuel cost and time at the shops, if that is all you are going for. It may be slightly more expensive, but for me, it is worth the cost.


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